FACES OF MNYK: Davida from Worn Yesterday

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FACES OF MNYK: Davida from Worn Yesterday

So Davida, tell me about yourself.

I have been here 32 years, I'm the oldest retailer. I'm not the oldest but my store is the oldest on the street!

What was your inspiration behind opening the store?

I grew up in Lower Merion. In junior high everybody wore one brand. It was called Ladybug. It was made on AlleghenyAvenue and I just wanted to look like everybody else. But my family couldn't spend the money on it. It wasn't like anyone made fun of me but, I felt different and likeI never fit in. So I knew that someday I wouldhave a store that all the people who overbuy would bring their stuff here then thekids who parents won't buy the brands they want could get it! I love seeing them look so good but I see no reason to pay full price.

What's popular today?

Well today its True Religion and Citizens of Humanity but it use to be Ladybug!

Why did you choose Manayunk?

Manayunk was halfway between where I was living and where all my clothes were coming from. To get to Manayunk is so easy. I have customers from Center City, Jersey, King of Prussia, Lafayette Hill, Plymouth Meeting, and Lower Merion. We are a neighborhood that is in the middle of all neighborhoods. It’s so convenient!

Where do you get most of your clothing items?

We get a lot of things from stores and manufacturers. Small boutiques in Center City who over order then have a sale it's here and it comes down to my price. Manufactures like this, we just got these items in [gestures to maternity wear item hanging behind her], Nordstrom sells them but they want feedback if people will like them, so I am allowed to sell them less than wholesale. My raincoats come from manufacturers and they sell them to me for less than wholesale so I can sell them for even less.

Do all those connections help?

Oh yeah, I know everyone in the business now! There are actually three different brands that care how clothes are washing and wearing and they check with me every season to see the things that came in from someone who had already used them, and they ask, "How did they hold up? Did the seams hold tight? Did the zippers last?" They really care about their stuff.

What do you want someone who hasn't been here before to know about your store?

We carry great brands, brands you don't see everywhere, at prices that are affordable. We get brand new things from manufactures and small boutiques. Personal service is also big for me. I love children and I love making them and their parents happy.

What is your favorite item in the store?

The raincoats I love. The MGK knits, these are hand knit sweaters that they actually use for photo shoots. I am allowed to sell these for so much less than you would if you bought them in store, fabulous deal!

Why do you love Manayunk?

I love Manayunk for the convenience, the neighborhood is convenient, and also as a business owner I have a Manayunk family. Winnie’s is my family. Manayunk Tavern is my family. They are people who you see all the time and we take care of each other. That is Manayunk. When I moved from my old store to my new space some of my old customers whose kids have far outgrown my store came and helped me move my stuff across the street. I just love the people!

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