FACES OF MNYK: Allison from Threads on Main

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FACES OF MNYK: Allison from Threads on Main

By: Tatiana Codnor-Perry

Threads on Main (4353 Main Street) is a great location for all your high quality fashion finds. With their wide variety of clothing, it's no wonder the employees love it so much! We spoke with Allison to learn a little more about the stylish boutique.

What do you consider to be your fall staple item?

Anything in here! I've literally bought so much stuff in Threads on Main! The 525 sweater would be my fall staple. A white, three-quarter sleeve, chunky sweater with bell sleeves.

Why should people shop at Threads on Main?

Because we have a variety of prices, we have high style, and even when the style is too much for you we have variations of what's "in". So if you don't like a full open shoulder but you want a little open shoulder we have little. We have different variations of everything that we sell and we have huge variety of price points.

What is your favorite part of the job?

Talking to people, trying to figure out what works for them and interacting.

What makes this shop unique?

The variation in price point, vendors, and styles. We have everything from someone who's a little more conservative to someone who wants something that's top trend. We cover a lot of bases.

Describe your perfect outfit.

A perfect outfit for this time of year would be a pair of novelty jeans: something that's "in" where the rips are a little different or now they even have pants with the seams up the legs that's "in". Novelty jeans with a novelty sweater, which can be anything from holes to an open shoulder to bell sleeves -- that's the perfect outfit.

I love Manayunk because...

I think that when you do shop, whether it's in another store or it's in here, you get things that are a little more unique. For example, we have some vendors that are in a department store, but a lot of this stuff you might not find in a department store, you'd only find it here. So, I think in Manayunk, you can get stuff that's unique.

Once again, keep an eye out for us on the streets - you might be our next featured resident or visitor! If you are a resident or visitor of Manayunk that is interested in being featured, email for details!

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