ONE-ON-ONE: Darryl from The Station at Manayunk Apartments

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ONE-ON-ONE: Darryl from The Station at Manayunk Apartments

By: Jessie Walker

We caught up with Darryl this week, the property manager of The Station at Manayunk Apartments, to learn about what makes it a unique place to live in the neighborhood. He discussed his love for Manayunk as well as the many benefits and the community of The Station Apartments.

As the property manager for The Station at Manayunk Apartments, what kind of responsibilities do you have here?

So what we do is increase and maintain occupancy, keep our residents happy, and create a friendly, social environment. Plus, just overall property upkeep and curb appeal to make sure that we stay competitive in the very competitive market that is Manayunk."

You're a resident of Manayunk yourself, so why did you choose Manayunk as a place to not only live but work as well?

Darryl discussed his love for the neighborhood: “Manayunk sells itself, especially for potential residents that are moving from out of state. They’re looking for hot spots in Philly and Manayunk is one of those spots.” Darryl ended up at The Station because of his mentor. He said, “I was actually in Roxborough, so not too far, and my former property manager recruited me for The Station. I was originally the leasing manager and then transitioned into property manager.”

He went on to discuss the advantages of living in Manayunk and how accessible it is from The Station. “It has Main Street, shopping, bars, restaurants, nightlife. Whether you’re heading to Main Street or Conshohocken, everything is centralized in Manayunk.” The diversity of people in the neighborhood also drew Darryl in. “You have the mix of people in Manayunk, which is really cool and it’s just a great place to hang out and meet new people.”

What would you say the demographic is for people that live at The Station?

Darryl pondered for a moment, and then answered young professionals. He explained, “Whether you’re out of grad school or just graduated from college, you land a cool job and you move to Manayunk. Not only is it a great location, but Manayunk is a lifestyle.”

As a property manager, you have a lot of experience in knowing what a good place to live looks like. If you could live anywhere in the world besides Manayunk, where would you choose to go?

“I would probably say LA. I’ve heard some mixed reviews about LA but I was able to vacation there a few times and I love it. Each time I go, I say I have to live in LA. So if it was anywhere other than Philly, it would be California.”

Out of the types of apartments that you offer, which is your favorite floor plan?

The Station offers nine different floor plans, all of which are named after types of trees. Darryl’s favorite is the Walnut Floor Plan and he explained why. “It’s one of our larger two bedroom floor plans and it’s really catered to the entertainer. So if you like to entertain company and have people over, it’s a really cool floor plan. It has a free-standing island, a really good living room space, and the layout is awesome for friends, family, or just doing your own thing.”

What would you say is unique about The Station compared to other living options in Manayunk?

“I hear a lot from our prospects when we tour that it just has a different feel.” Darryl explained that this different feel is a combined urban and suburban vibe.

We’re literally walking distance away from Main Street, but we’re also set aside, giving you that suburban feel. When you pull in, you wonder if these are townhouses or condos, but they’re apartments for rent.”

He went on to say how homey they feel inside and how that sets them apart from your typical city apartment. If you aren’t familiar with apartment living, it is still cozy but in a slightly urban setting. In his words, “It’s the best of both worlds.”

How would you describe living at The Station in three words?

“Fun, comfortable, and convenient.” Darryl stressed convenience because of the apartments’ proximity to the train station.

“The train is right here so we’re 30 minutes away from center city. A lot of our demographic is commuting to center city for work. It’s like the signs that say, ‘If you lived here you’d be home already,’ and that’s literally us.”

What's your favorite part about your job?

Darryl didn’t even need to think twice about his answer. “My favorite part is working for a great company. The Galman Group is one of the best property management companies.”

According to Darryl, the Galman Group focuses heavily on training and support with extensive knowledge about the market. He discussed further their reliability and the support that they provide: “If I reach out whether it’s for pricing or resident activities, they always have an answer. We feel very supported here at The Station.”

If you’re looking for a place to live in Manayunk, make sure you head down to The Station at Manayunk Apartments for a tour of their floor plans! It is right next to the train station and only a short walking distance from Main Street, making it an ideal home. For more information on The Station, visit their website here.

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