ONE-ON-ONE: JD from Johnny Destructo's Hero Complex

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ONE-ON-ONE: JD from Johnny Destructo's Hero Complex

Photo courtesy of Matt Godfrey

We had the pleasure of sitting down with JD Korejko to get to know him and his business on Main Street. JD recently won two awards-- Best Local Artist and Best Specialty Shop-- during the Best of Manayunk competition! JD is an active community member here in Manayunk, and hosts several events throughout the month. Johnny Destructo's Hero Complex opened its doors in September of 2016, providing a unique twist to artwork within our community. The Stan Lee themed shop offers everything from comic books to one-of-a-kind artwork pieces and t-shirt design. Check out what makes Johnny Destructo's Hero Complex a knock out and KAPOW!

What/who is your favorite thing to draw?

"I draw everything... I draw a lot of logos, horror, superheroes, families, portraits, subjective one of a kind portraits...basically anything."

JD was currently working on a logo when we visited.

What type of products do you offer?

"I offer weekly comic books, graphic novels, board games, custom/original t-shirts and art, statues, and action figures."

I must say, the tee shirts were pretty cool!

How did you discover this talent? Did you teach yourself?

"I just picked up a crayon and my parents were nice enough to not call it a piece of crap. I also went to the Tyler School of Art at Temple University."

What is your favorite thing about owning a business on Main Street?

"The customers -- I have developed an entire group of friends just from opening a business."

Can anybody learn to draw/paint?

"Yes they can -- it's more about hard work and perseverance than natural talent. If you have an interest and desire to learn something, practicing will help you achieve your goals."

Please describe "Drink and Draw" for our audience.

"The first Tuesday of every month at 8:30 p.m., we go to Lucky's Last Chance across the road. Bring your own supplies if you can (I bring extra for those who don't have any). There are food specials just for us! The second to last Tuesday of every month is board game night at JD's Hero Complex (with pizza, wine, and beer of course), and the last Tuesday of the month is book club at JD's Hero Complex (also with pizza, wine, and beer) where we talk about the book and have a great time."

What is the most satisfying thing about being an entrepreneur? What was the most challenging?
The most challenging: balancing inventory with subscriptions.

"It's still a challenge to accurately predict how much I will need."

The most rewarding: developing a great group of friends.

"...and, of course, not working for somebody else."

What is your favorite comic?

"Preacher -- its a very R-rated adult comic."

If you could be doing anything else besides owning a business, what would it be?

"Entertainment-- podcasts and videos on YouTube. I would love to make money entertaining people."

Watch JD's interview from the Best of Manayunk cocktail party!

Visit Johnny Destructo's Hero Complex

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