ONE-ON-ONE: Nicholas from Union Taco

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ONE-ON-ONE: Nicholas from Union Taco

Who doesn't love Taco Tuesday? If there is any restaurant in Manayunk who knows its tacos, simply put, it's Union Taco. Its unique menu features everything from a marinated cactus taco to seared flank, which all are served at a tremendous value nobody could pass up. This fast casual experience is starts with a speedy counter "order and serve" accompanied by an open and welcome family environment.

Nicholas Farina is the owner of Union Taco, and he has answered a few questions about himself and his business. SPOILER ALERT: there is a huge makeover coming to Union Taco—a brand new upgraded location right down the road by Main and Lock Street. This location features an open two-story floor plan including a bar, dining room, and outdoor dining patio. Needless to say, we can conclude the new location is going to be an instant hit once it opens. By serving value, unique cuisine, and quality with every single order, Union Taco has proved itself to be a town favorite, and is here to stay for quite while—just in a new location!

How does Union Taco differentiate itself from other restaurants with similar cuisine?

"First of all, we are not traditional Mexican tacos. We are the union between street food and American food. We are very value-oriented; generous portions. Our goal is to be a very approachable, and regular restaurant."

Is there anything you'd like anybody to know about the new location?

"It's the same pick up and delivery. We are picking up the same old Union Taco and dropping it in this location. It's the same quick-serve ordering. There will also be a bar—you can come in and have a margarita if you'd like."

Do you have any secret menu items?

"Yes we do; the Jalepeno queso – it's a secret blend of 3 different cheeses."

Which taco is your most popular?

"The most popular is definitely the traditional beef...but, I really like flank, personally. It's my favorite.

"What is the most satisfying/rewarding thing as an entrepreneur?

"I love having a vision and a dream. And, to see something in your mind become a reality—that's just so rewarding."

Is Union Taco the only business you own?

"Right now it is the only business I own. I technically own a contracting company as well, but we only apply it towards the restaurant. It's a much more cost efficient way to do business."

What is your favorite thing about Manayunk?

"Main Street is really cool—it's such a diverse melting pot of different things going on. You can dine, get a haircut, buy clothes all in one spot."

What is the most challenging thing as an entrepreneur?

"Financing is the hardest thing to get done. I am not a major corporation, and I don’t have a bunch of investors. Cultivating your business can fund your next project."

Check out these photos of the new Union Taco location at 4161 Main Street—coming soon!

Click here to visit Union Taco's website!

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