ONE-ON-ONE: Tara from Sulimay's Studio on Main

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ONE-ON-ONE: Tara from Sulimay's Studio on Main

Shortly after returning back from an awesome weekend at this year's Super Bowl, Tara Sulimay Acosta took the time to sit down with me and tell us a little more about herself.

As the owner of Sulimay's, what is the most out of the ordinary experience you had during your career?
"New York Fashion Week was definitely a very cool and out of the ordinary experience to be a part of."

Where is your favorite spot to go in Manayunk?
"Well... it used to be Derek's, but they're closed now [...], heading to Joltin Jabs for a boxing class is easily my favorite thing to do now."

If you could be anything else in the world besides the owner of your own salon, what would it be and why?
"Anything along the lines of helping people feel better about themselves."

If presented with the challenge, could you successfully style President Trump's hair, or is it mission impossible?
"Oh my God, yes! I welcome the opportunity greatly!" (Good luck with that one!)

Pick any 3 words to describe a successful entrepreneur.
"Motivated, fearless, and positive."

What is one unique characteristic about yourself?
"Anything that I do in my life comes from an open heart."

They say history repeats itself - do you notice modern hairstyles representing trends from the past? If so, which era?
"Ahh, I hate to admit it -- there is now a modified version of the mullet that has been trending called the 'momu.' Perms are also making their way back."

Tom Brady or Matt Ryan?
"This is such a heartbreak to say because Matt Ryan is a Philly boy, but Tom Brady is just too good!"

Head over to Vamp Boutique at 4233 Main Street for cut, color, and blowouts. And be sure to mingle with the big names of Manayunk's fashion scene on a night full of fun this February 12 at the Manayunk Brewing Company. Enjoy drink specials, shop trendy and unique items from our vendors and enjoy a runway fashion show collaboration with a mix of emerging talented designers and some of your favorite Philly boutiques. Purchase tickets here.

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