The Sweet Treats of Main Street

The Sweet Treats of Main Street

By Caitlin Maloney & Colleen Savage

Photos By JPG Photography

If you answer savory when someone asks you ‘savory or sweet,’ you can just move along to the next article, because we’re talking all about the best places to find sweet treats on Main Street.

If you ask us, there’s never a wrong time to eat something sweet, but there’s something about the summer that makes you forget that you were working for that bikini bod and makes you crave something sweet to indulge in.

So, we took the liberty to taste our way down Main Street for you and bring you this lineup of our favorite Manayunk sweet treats. With a selection like this, there’s no way we could choose a winner, but we will warn you, don’t go eating all of them at once like we did.

Chloe’s Corner: Banana Split

Every bite from Chloe's Corner transports you back to being ten years old on a summer afternoon. From the ooey-gooey hot fudge sauce to the strawberries and pineapple on the Banana Split, your sweet-tooth will be satisfied. The Chocolate Banana Milkshake is sure to put a smile on your face and keep you cool on a hot day too. Be sure to try all of their other favorites including their Water Ice and Manayunk Mixers!

Insomnia Cookies: Cookiewich

How do you make fresh baked Insomnia Cookies even better? Take your choice of two warm cookies and sandwich your favorite ice cream flavor between them and you’ve got yourself a cookiewich. The trick here, you have to eat it faster than it can melt! They also have brownies to die for, and even gluten-free and vegan options too.

Sweet Elizabeth’s: Drip Cake (Marble Cake with Vanilla-Drip Ganache, French Macarons, and Edible Flowers), French Macarons and Gold Passion Fruit Bellini Cupcake

Cupcakes and cheesecakes and s’mores! Oh my! Sweet Elizabeth’s has all your sugar-coated needs covered, but our favorites are definitely her french macarons, specialty cakes and ever-changing cupcake selection. These sweet treats not only look like works of art, but they’ll make your taste buds explode too. They even have gourmet dog treats for the special pooch in your life.

Whirled Peace: Frozen Yogurt

Whirled Peace offers the perfect balance of natural flavors, probiotics, real non-fat yogurt, and live and active cultures. Now that we’ve covered the healthy aspects, let’s talk about fun parts. From fruit to candy bars to decadent sauces and nuts, Whirled Peace has a topping for everyone. Being able to customize your cup to your liking makes these sweet treats great for the whole family.

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