ONE-ON-ONE: Christa from Merge Dance Studio

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ONE-ON-ONE: Christa from Merge Dance Studio

Put on your dancing shoes, and meet the very talented and experienced dancer, Christa. She is the artistic director, instructor and best of all, owner of Merge Dance Studio. Christa, who is a Manayunk local, moved here over 10 years ago and has been here ever since providing a professional and encouraging environment for students of all ages and skill levels. We sat down with Christa for a one-on-one interview to not only learn some dance moves, but to see how she has been dancing through life.

Why Merge Dance Studio?

"I moved to Philly over 10 years ago and was teaching and dancing  everywhere in the city but there was nothing here," Christa explained. Manayunk is home to so many young professionals and families alike that a dance studio would be a perfect fit. Christa's favorite part about her job is the "people [she] gets to work with everyday. Everyone is friendly and supportive."

If you could live in a book, movie or TV show, what would it be?

"I don't know," laughed Christa. She had a hard time answering this question. Christa is so dedicated and focused on her dance studio that she has very little time to watch movies or TV. However, Christa says she's happy living her own life in the present.

What's your favorite song to 'dance it out' to?

When Christa is looking to dance to a good song, her go to songs are 80's jams!

What's your biggest pet peeve?

"My biggest pet peeves are the little stuff," Christa said. She explained that she is always in a hurry, so slow drivers are probably her biggest pet peeve.

What's your favorite age group to teach?

"I don't think I can limit it. There are perks to all ages." Christa enjoys teaching the little kids because she sees them experience dancing for the first time. When she teaches older kids she witnesses them finding their style when it all clicks. However, adults also have their perks. Christa explained that when adults come to the dance studio, many of them have taken a long break from dancing. They come in and they rediscover their passion for dance.

Describe your favorite dance performance.

Christa loved dancing abroad, especially in Poland. She experienced the history of Poland as she danced on old stages. However, as a kid she danced in performances of the Nutcracker. In these performances, professional artists danced with her and she loved being able to interact with them!

If instead of walking you could only dance, what style would you choose?

"Jazz, because it would be fun to leap everywhere. If you chassé you could really cruise!"

If you could time travel would you go to the past or future?

"The future to see where my life is going and where I end up." Christa spends all of her time at the studio and is so focused on her work that "it's hard to imagine where you will end up," she said.

"I love Manayunk because you're in the big city but you're in a neighborhood with a small town feel." Christa is always running into people she knows and growing up in a small town, Manayunk gives her that hometown feeling.

Merge Dance Studios has dance and fitness classes for everyone: every age and every level. It's not just a typical dance studio for young kids. Stop by to meet Christa and learn a couple dance moves while you're there. She has created a professional and encouraging environment where there is plenty of fun to be had!




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