7 DAY SPOTLIGHT: Harris & Tweed Interiors

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7 DAY SPOTLIGHT: Harris & Tweed Interiors

            Kathy and Taryn are the owners of Harris & Tweed Interiors. This "Power House" is the ultimate dynamic duo! When they first met in the retail industry these two "instantly cliqued both professionally and personally," said Kathy. Conversation sparked when Kathy and Taryn discovered that they joined the same sorority at different colleges. This commonality was the beginning of an incredible journey that continues to lead to new and exciting opportunities.

            These exceptional and entrepreneurial women both had a knack for retail design and visual merchandising. However, the retail industry put certain restrictions on their creativity. Driven by a strength in visualization, Kathy and Taryn established Harris & Tweed Interiors in 2013. This young and thriving business has enabled Kathy and Taryn to create an environment with no artistic boundaries. The name Harris & Tweed Interiors reflects who they are as designers: quality and design. Tweed, for the novices, is a fabric that goes well with anything, has texture, and marries everything together. Kathy and Taryn are, so to speak, the tweed that marries everything together. When a client has a vision they pull together colors, fabrics, furniture, and the like to complete a room.

            Like certain colors and fabrics that go well together to complete a room, this dynamic duo works together in synchronization like no other. When talking to this pair, they complete each other's thoughts and truly value the presence of one another. This makes the designing process go smoothly. Creative road blocks? No way! Two heads are always better than one. This gives Harris & Tweed Interiors a competitive advantage. With two brilliantly creative minds working together, a project always comes out "even better than [they] had in their minds." These moments of taking in the final results provide the motivation to push through. When it turns out even better than they had envisioned it, that's why they do what they do.

            However, they also do what they do for their customers. Harris  & Tweed Interiors is dedicated to creating a visual masterpiece for each and every client. Kathy and Taryn understand interior design and have an amazing ability to talk to a client, learn his or her vision, and then pull it all together to lead him or her towards where they want to be. Throughout the planning and designing process, Kathy and Taryn aim to make clients feel comfortable .They make interior design an emotional experience. Taryn explains interior design as “an entire journey with someone in their home.” Kathy and Taryn are committed to keeping their clients engaged throughout the planning process to emotionally connect them to the final design. They utilize their creativity when designing a new space as well as when working within a client’s budget. These two interior designers have completed a job well done when their clients walk into a room in their home and feel comfortable.

            But how do Kathy and Taryn know what's hot and what's not for their customers? They are always forward thinking. They want to bring something different to your home! Why do something that has already be done? Make your rooms as unique as you are. Harris & Tweed Interiors are setting the trends every day. Both Kathy and Taryn are very into the latest fashions and take a lot of inspiration from the runway and from different designers. Fashion trends hit first and they want to bring them to your home to keep you the trendiest! Although they play off of the runway and different designers, they set the trends with their individual designs! Harris & Tweed Interiors' style can be summed up in one word: mixing. Staying within the trends, Kathy and Taryn love to mix styles, patters, fabrics, colors, metals. Right now they said the modern industrial look is hot as well as mixing metals. 

            Kathy and Taryn are interior designers, event stylists, and now have expanded Harris & Tweed Interiors to include retail. They have recently launched their retail design center, "The Housewarming Hutch," in Pineapple On Main. Products include home decor and Zest merchandise. This gives Kathy and Taryn the opportunity to display their interior design service. Client's can come into Pineapple on Main and see physical pieces and fabrics.  This is just one of the many ways in which Harris & Tweed Interiors is growing. Kathy and Taryn are honest when they say they don't know what lies ahead for them. However, they do know that their creativity and visualization will guide them as well as follow them wherever they may go. In their journey they hope to one day have two separate spaces: one space for Harris & Tweed Interiors and to keep the space in Pineapple on Main for event styling and event planning. Kathy and Taryn also mentioned that they can see themselves hiring junior designers under them. However, they pride themselves on the style, look, brand and vision of Harris & Tweed Interiors. They don't want to expand too much that these elements would become weakened.

            Harris & Tweed Interiors journey on Main Street in Manayunk has been nothing but welcoming. When Kathy and Taryn toured Main Street and the spaces available, they received such hospitality and warm wishes that it  made it a no brainer to choose Manayunk. They found that business owners on Main Street were collectively excited to have interior designers in the neighborhood. Nine days after looking on Main Street, Kathy and Taryn took a leap of faith and signed the lease. Kathy and Taryn were inspired by the hospitality and welcoming of Manayunk that they named their studio space Pineapple on Main (Pineapples symbolize hospitality). Manayunk is also a perfect location for Harris & Tweed Interiors because of its valuable resources for its business. Kathy and Taryn can hit so many stores on Main Street that offer many perfect pieces for clients.

            So, if your house, apartment, or even a single room need some sprucing up or some tender, love and care, Harris & Tweed Interiors is a must. Choose these creative, driven, and passionate interior designers. Their services are attainable as they work around your budget to nail down a style. Attentive to details and an aim to make clients' feel comfortable in their home, Harris & Tweed Interiors will exceed your expectations. No job is ever too big or too small!






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