7 DAY SPOTLIGHT: The Little Apple

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7 DAY SPOTLIGHT: The Little Apple

Blog by Manayunk Development Corporation Intern Madeline O’Donnell

Since The Little Apple’s opening in February 2010, Brandy Deieso has always been a loyal customer. It’s been a place where she, her family, and her friends could all shop and hang out. The warm and charming vibe of the shop originally drew her in and is something she tries to keep present in The Little Apple to this day. Brandy had just quit her prior job when previous owner Molly Cygan Rossettie mentioned she was moving away. The opportunity and timing were too perfect to pass up, so Brandy called The Little Apple her own in June 2013.  

Brandy has always had an eye for fashion, so a job as her own boss in the field was ideal. She could even bring her dog Bettie to work each day. However, this is not to say that the new position came without challenges. “The thing I feared most was the artistic side of it,” Brandy said. With no artistic background, merchandising and display windows were all new to Brandy. She sought tips from Molly and other storeowners in Manayunk to soon find that design was a concept she not only had a talent for, but actually enjoyed. “It’s one of my favorite things to do now,” she says. The window displays of her time spent in New York City and Florence greatly inspired her. “People put so much pride into their window displays. I love that. It draws you in.”

Brandy fell in love with the original identity of The Little Apple so she feels it is important to maintain that signature look in the store today. With her new ownership, she has brought an eclectic and stylish enhancement to the shop’s style. These slight changes have been well-received by customers who love the current twist Brandy adds to the store. A sense of humor is an element that she greatly treasures. “My favorite thing is to watch customers walking through giggling with each other,” she says. Brandy’s tasteful mix of edgy and sweet naturally creates a charming vibe that is adored by all customers who visit Main Street.

So what kind of treasures will you stumble upon in The Little Apple? Brandy has the store elegantly designed into vignettes of a variety of themes such as Domestic Goddess, Cats and Dogs, Baby, Jewelry and so many more. Her aromatic Simpatico Candles and Tokyo Milk Lotions are always a big hit with store-goers. She also enjoys selling items that give back to important causes such as an orphanage in Congo and animal shelters. “I also have a lot of local vendors and I’m really proud of that,” Brandy says. A majority of the jewelry is from local vendors which will ensure you that whatever catches your eye is unique and special.

Brandy loves how Manayunk has grown up with her from her high school days to the present now that she is an excited newlywed. The sense of community and support she gains from the neighbors are very dear to her. Manayunk is lucky to have The Little Apple complete its friendly neighborhood on Main Street!


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