7 DAY SPOTLIGHT: The Wall Cycling Studio

Jun 25, 2014 0 comments
7 DAY SPOTLIGHT: The Wall Cycling Studio

Blog article by Manayunk Development Corporation Summer Intern, Madeline O'Donnell

Ten years ago Juliet Sabella made cycling a part of her lifestyle in an attempt to get in shape. She was so delighted with the physical results and positive feelings she gained that she has now turned cycling into a career for herself! The idea for The Wall Cycling Studio was planted by Sabella’s good friend, Catherine Adams who recognized the lack of a cycling studio in Manayunk. So Juliet decided to take on the challenge. Now, she has brought this gem of a cycling studio to Manayunk and continues to motivate and challenge people every day!

In this day and age with endless work-out options available, it seems nearly impossible to decide on the perfect one for you. Your tiring search can finally come to a halt at The Wall Cycling Studio! When asked what the benefits of cycling are, Juliet replied, without a shadow of doubt, “Everything about it. It’s a crazy body high.” She explains how it covers every element of desired exercise results. You lose weight, receive perfect sculpting in muscles – even arms – and it is low impact on the knees which reduces the chance of injury. “It just makes you feel good,” Juliet adds. Cycling is a class for all levels whether you are trying it out for the first time or are an experienced cycler. “It’s a workout for everyone because you are completely in control,” Juliet says.

Juliet’s personal connection to cycling creates an energetic atmosphere each and every day at The Wall Cycling studio beginning at 5:15 AM when the very first class begins. She raves about her 13 passionate and motivating instructors. “You see someone that is talking to you for 45 minutes straight, while still going 100%,” Juliet says. “You can go to another class that’s intense, but spin is the most thought-challenging exercise.”

At The Wall Cycling Studio there is always something fresh and exciting happening. In November, they were the first studio in Philly to do a live DJ ride. With black lights, glow-in-the-dark paint and a DJ playing awesome music, who wouldn’t get the work out of a lifetime? Another fun event The Wall sets up is outdoor rides where they move all the equipment outside on a nice day and do the workout there. Even their daily class schedule is anything but boring. Spin and Sculpt combines cycling with body weight type exercises to increase toning, Spin and Stretch combines cycling and yoga moves and there is even Spin, Stairs and Happy Hour which ends with specials at the Goat’s Beard!

When we asked Juliet what her favorite part about the job she replied “the view you get of Manayunk.” She loves the variety of people from age and background she receives in her studio. “It’s a young professional town. People are starting their families and lives here,” Juliet says. “I didn’t know that until I opened the wall.”  Her husband Karl Stabler has been a huge help to her success in Manayunk and the couple just loves it here! “We want to stay here forever,” Juliet says.




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