AROUND TOWN: Chew Philly Food Tour

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AROUND TOWN: Chew Philly Food Tour

The staff was treated with a special Chew Philly Food Tour in our own neighborhood last Friday to do some much needed research! The tour guide Amy gave us a taste of Manayunk by taking us to 6 different eateries throughout town, all while educating us on the history of the district. Stay tuned for the lowdown on where we went, and more importantly, what we ate. 

First stop was Marchiano’s Bakery (4653 Umbria Street, 215-483-8585). Word on the street is that Frank Sinatra and the Temptations once ate here. We tried the tomato pie and the pepperoni bread—absolutely delicious. 

Then we headed down to the Tow Path where we sampled soft pretzels from Tasty Twisters (4901 Umbria Street, 800-657-BAKE). They make this Philadelphia classic all by hand, the old-fashioned way. Amy taught us some fun facts during the tour, and we learned that Manayunk’s Pretzel Park is so named because the park is shaped like a pretzel and there used to be a pretzel vendor there for years. 

Sorrentino’s Deli (4361 Cresson Street, 215-487-0559) was next on our list. They treated us to cheesesteaks with provolone, the traditional way, not with cheese wiz. Yum! Cheesesteaks are a Philadelphia classic and Sorrentino’s recipe hit the spot. 

Fourth was Angelo & Josephine’s (4241 Main Street, 215-508-9511), who gave us the famous Italian sandwich of roasted pork with broccoli rabe. They finished off with an amazing cannoli, because after all, who doesn’t love cannolis? 

Next, Main Street staple Volo Coffeehouse (4360 Main Street, 215-483-4580) gave us one of their amazing cappuccinos. Wondering where the name Volo comes from? The word means “to fly” in Latin, which is why their sign has a bird on it.

After the caffeine boost, we were ready for a yummy dessert at Sweet Elizabeth’s (4409 Main Street, 267-331-8949). Red Velvet cupcakes were on the menu, and they did not disappoint. Elizabeth makes her Red Velvets using beets and not red dye, because when there was a sugar shortage back in the day, families used to use beets to sweeten their desserts. This turned them the bright red that we know of as Red Velvet! 

Amy told us some other fun facts about Manayunk along the way. Did you know that Edgar Allen Poe use to come to Manayunk and the Schuylkill River and called it the Eden of Philadelphia? Or that Manayunk used to be named Flat Rock? Or that there are 34 churches in Manayunk and Roxborough alone? Now you know, and you can find out even more trivia about the area if you go on the tour. 

Check out their website for more information on the tours, or find them on Facebook and Twitter. Chew Philly Food tours make for the perfect birthday present, first date or fun day out with friends. Thanks Chew Philly for a wonderful afternoon! 

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