Look Long & Look Good - Scavenger Hunt

Look Long & Look Good - Scavenger Hunt

1. You can find me where outside of where they serve hot and iced tea (and maybe you'll get a smoothie).

2. Look for me when you stroll along the towpath.

3. The music is calling you to me.

4. A trip to ancient China might be required to find me.

5. There's only so many spots that have sushi and beer, look for me there!

6. You might end up sweating on your way to find me.

7. I'm "posted" up by this little grocery store.

8. Find me where you spend the weekend at..

9. Before you enter under the arch...look for me!

10. "Send" yourself down Main Street to look for me.

11. Find me by the kady whose breakfast is a Manayunk favorite!

12. If you're having trouble finding me don't "sweat" it.

13. Once you find me, you can lay back and relax.

14. Find me where people are fishing, running, biking, and more.

15.Find me where people eat on the water.

16. You don't have to stray too far from the last spot to find me.

17. Look for me where people are getting work done.

18. Grab a bubble tea, or a green juice, after you find me.

19. Find me at the place where having good furniture is a lifestyle.

20. I go by many names in Manayunk, but one things for sure, everyone loves my food! Check here.

21. Look for me along the brick wall.

22. Look for me by the water.

23. Things may get a little "hairy" while trying to find me.

24. Look for me where love lives(and amazing margaritas!)

25. You "may" find me where people are getting a new look.

26. A delicious smell will lead you my way.

27. I promise I'm the last one in this spot!

28. Find me by the little corner of Italy.

29. Look for me in a very green spot.. with some excellent coffee.

30. You're almost finished, before you head back home, grab some new furniture.

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