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It's the season of love! To celebrate, JPG Photo & Video partnered with several Manayunk businesses to highlight menu items, products, and services that Manayunk customers can't get enough of.

Boostin’ Bowls

What customers are loving right now: The Superfood Bowl - acai base topped with strawberries, blueberries, bananas, hemp seeds, chia seeds, bee pollen, and a drizzle of honey.

"It's the perfect dish for when you need that extra boost of energy. This bowl is packed with nutrition - healthy fats, fiber, and plant-based protein. Bee pollen also reduces allergies symptoms.

The Superfood Bowl tastes delicious, but also has many health benefits. By providing this dish on our menu, it gives our customers who are unfamiliar with some of the toppings on this bowl (i.e. bee pollen) a chance to try new healthy food options that also taste great.

The Superfood Bowl is healthy and filling. Our customers love the flavors and textures this bowl provides. Whether they're having it for breakfast, lunch, or a snack, there is zero guilt!" - Deanna Simonsen, Manager of Boostin' Bowls

Gary Mann Jewelers
What customers are loving right now: Stacking rings

"'Stack rings,' 'ring stacking,' or 'ring layering,' refers to wearing multiple rings on a single finger. Though the trend originated from the tradition of adding anniversary rings on top of a wedding and engagement ring, it has expanded into a more general jewelry styling trend.

You can stack new rings, old rings, inherited rings, and everything in between. Use any finger you like - for fashion or bridal or anything you would like. No rules! Rings don’t need to be the same metal, have the same gemstones, or be the same size to be stacked together. In fact, mixing and matching is one aspect of ring stacking that makes it such a special fashion trend.

They are so much fun for our customers. They love to play and choose something different, to honor a life event or loved one, or just because you want to change up the look of your existing rings. Some women love mixing vintage with modern, so adding an art deco blue sapphire and diamond layer to a yellow gold band looks fresh and stunning. We carry a very large assortment of stack rings, because we love it and so do our customers, and they know we have so much variety and enjoy and take time styling them.

You and your expression make it unique and special. The only limit is your imagination." - Norma Mann, Co-owner of Gary Mann Jewelers

Manayunk iPhone Repair
What customers are loving right now: iPhone Repair Services

"We have such a broad demographic — moms who bring in their seven or eight-year-olds who, for whatever reason, have an iPhone. Then, we have people that are 75-80 years old who know more about iPhone features than I do sometimes.

We want to offer all expedited services, but we don’t want to charge an additional expedited fee. We want to have ‘while you wait’ iPhone repair and Mac repair. That’s people's schedule now — they need things done right away because many people need their computers and phones to get back to work.

When you do something right and you don’t cut corners, it always works out. Currently, all the parts we use are manufactured in the United States. We have so few people come back with issues — not cutting corners just makes everything easier.

We are like a think tank. When we get a unique issue, we have to take everything we know and try to figure it out — it’s all trial and error. It’s like solving a big puzzle. Nine times out of 10, when we solve one of these unique issues, we get three or four more of the same case in the same week. You can’t even believe it." - Matt Gambone, Owner of Manayunk iPhone Repair

Pet Friendly Dog Bakery
What customers are loving right now: The Dog Charcuterie Board Kit

"Each kit includes a 12" bamboo bone-shaped cutting board (reusable!), Natural Beef Jerky Sticks, Natural Turkey Jerky Sticks, two flavors of bar cookies (2 oz of each), two fresh baked cookies (basic kit includes one pupcake and one peanut butter bone but we can sub any of our cookies), peanut butter dipping sauce and two pawpermint treats for palette cleansing. Each kit is $19.99 and we can also add a small bottle of wine for $10 more. Everything comes with ingredient lists too so you can make sure it's safe (in case of allergies).

A good friend of mine posted an article on her Facebook about dog charcuterie and I immediately knew we had to make our own! I think people like the idea of it but don't want to go looking for everything to make one themselves.

Our charcuterie board kits are the only ones you can pick up and are 100% ready to make in our area. Also, I love getting special requests and making it unique to each dog.

It's a fun way to make a birthday, “gotcha day,” or special occasion extra fun and a bit bougie." - Stephanie Johnson, Manager of the Pet Friendly Dog Bakery

Philadelphia Runner
What customers are loving right now: Variety of shoe options for walkers, runners, and trainers

"The reason we carry a variety of shoes is because there isn't a best shoe or best brand out there. There are a lot of options and we know that it can be overwhelming looking at all of them. Everyone has different feet and experiences comfort differently, so our goal is to help find the best shoe for you - whether you are walking, running, working out, or standing on your feet all day.

Our staff will get you properly fitted for shoes and apparel that will keep you moving comfortably. Shoe fittings are always free and involve measuring your feet, watching how you move, and a conversation to go over the activities you are currently or plan on doing so that our staff can make some recommendations based on your answers.

Walk-ins are welcome, though, we do encourage appointments for in-store fittings and we also offer free virtual fittings if you prefer to connect with us online." - Liz Pagonis, Marketing Manager of Philadelphia Runner

Winnie’s Manayunk
What customers are loving right now: Chicken and Waffles Benedict - homemade waffle with fried chicken, two poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, pure maple syrup, and hot sauce.

"We had chicken and waffles on our menu and people went crazy over it. I found that a little odd! I thought we could add a little twist to it and add two poached eggs and some hollandaise. We used to have your average eggs benedict with your Canadian bacon and poached eggs. What we decided to do was branch out our benedict menu by adding the chicken and waffles eggs benedict. As it turns out, we hardly sell any traditional eggs benedict and mostly sell the chicken and waffles eggs benedict. No one’s disappointed.

The ingredients we use is what makes it really unique. We’re known for our waffles now, we bring in our pure maple syrup from upstate New York, and we have homemade hollandaise, which I think is the best of the best. Then, our chefs sprinkle just a little bit of hot sauce all over it to tie it all together. You take one cut into that egg yolk and it’s so delectable that you have to go in for another bite. Everyone finishes their plate and it’s a huge portion! I think they’re just so blown away by how tasty it is. You know how you eat something and it’s all those tastes that wake up your mouth – that’s what our chicken and waffle benedict is.

My customers aren’t afraid – they like their favorites but they’re always willing to try something new. Then, they get stuck. Sometimes, people order two entrees and they’ll take half of both entrees home for their next meal – love those customers!" - Winnie Clowry, Owner of Winnie's Manayunk

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