Eight Ways to Stay Home and Show Your Support

Eight Ways to Stay Home and Show Your Support

Whether you’re reading this on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer, you are most likely at home. Given the latest CDC guidance to slow the spread of Covid-19, most of us are staying safe in the shelter of our own dwelling. Our essential workers and small businesses however, are committed to serving us and helping us make it through. And for that, we thank them.

While it is important to maintain our health, it is also vital that we take a part in lessening the impact that this crisis is having on our communities. While social distancing can make us feel alone, please remember that we are simply alone, together.

Manayunk is here to support you - from the local coffee shop that supports your morning routine, to the trainers that support your fitness goals, to all the goods and services that support your four-legged friends. To help our community get back to normal as quickly as possible, please consider supporting them, too!

Here are eight ways you can support a Manayunk business today:

1.) A Critical Review

If you don’t have anything extra to spare right now, leaving a glowing review on some of your most frequented businesses’ Google or Yelp pages can really help bolster their business. This is also a great way to pass the time!

2.) Shop Small, Wherever You Are

From the smallest household item to your Sunday supper, consider purchasing from a local business rather than a large chain or corporate online retailer. If there is anything you need currently, buying it locally is the best possible support you could give.

3.) Let Takeout Takeover!

With delivery and takeout, there is no prep, no hot ovens, and no dishes - plus, you are helping your small business neighbors and their staff as well. What could be better?

4.) Wear Your Support on Your Sleeve

If you’re already meal-prepped this week, you can still support your local restaurants by purchasing t-shirts and other merch. Gyms, retailers, and some of your other favorite Manayunk businesses are also making it possible for you to proudly wear your support.

5.) Send a Gift. Share a Smile!

In a time of no contact, the most touching thing you can do is let someone know you care about them. Many Manayunk businesses have care packages and gifts available online so you can send a pick-me-up (or even treat yourself). Maybe now is also a great time to get a jump on upcoming birthday and holiday gift shopping!

6.) Take a Raincheck with Gift Cards

If you’re not able to purchase from some of your favorite businesses or simply don’t have the need currently, purchasing a gift card as small as $10 could help support them when they really need it. Think of it as a raincheck for a haircut, a photoshoot, meal, or a special treat for future you!

7.) Virtual Support is Reality!

What an amazing age we live in where the device you’re currently viewing can connect you to “virtually” anyone. Manayunk’s small businesses are taking full advantage of this technology to continue bringing our community together. From online classes and online shopping to webinars and live streams, follow your favorite businesses on social media and find out how you can support them while staying home!

8.) Stay Connected

In addition to following your favorite Manayunk businesses on social media, follow Manayunk and visit our website for the latest updates, current open business directories, and more information on shopping small wherever you are.

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