FACES OF MNYK: Meet Kait and Rory from Manayunk Made!

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FACES OF MNYK: Meet Kait and Rory from Manayunk Made!

How long have you lived in Manayunk and why did you decide to move here?
Kait: "We bought our first home together in Manayunk back in January of 2018. Prior to us buying a home, Rory had lived in the neighborhood since 2013. We chose to move here based on Rory's experience, and once I started realizing everything Manayunk had to offer, it became a no brainer to purchase our first property here."

What is Manayunk Made?
Kait: "After we moved here, we fell more in love with the area, and wanted to create a go-to resource for people like us to learn more about the variety of things going on in the community. Manayunk Made is an Instagram account that showcases what is going on solely in Manayunk. We've been described as micro-influencers meaning we are hyperlocal and all about Manayunk."

What kind of content do you post?
Kait: "I think our approach has really shifted from solely posting Manayunk through our own lenses to incorporating more user-generated content to make sure we're highlighting how others see the neighborhood. Manayunk Made is not just about how we see Manayunk, but how everyone in the neighborhood views Manayunk, which I think makes us really unique."

How often do you post?
Kait: "We try to post daily, whether that's just a story or an actual Instagram post. We're very active and always interacting with the business community. All of the small businesses have a great Instagram presence, so we do our best to engage with them on a daily basis."

What other jobs do you have outside of running Manayunk Made?
Rory: "I am a retirement income planner, so my main focus is on helping people understand how to pay for retirement efficiently. I also work with an organization called, The College Funding Coach, where I teach parents how to pay for college without ruining their retirement funds through free workshops. I'm also a race director for Cupid's Undie Run and that's where we raise money for a cure to neurofibromatosis (NF), a genetic tumor disorder."

Kait: "My day job is marketing and branding for Temple University, which is also my alma mater. I graduated back 2014, so I'm heavily involved with our alumni association as well. I also just recently got my real estate license, and I'm now a licensed realtor in Philadelphia."

What are your favorite restaurants and shops to go to on Main Street?
Rory: "That's such a hard question cause there are so many good spots. I would have to say Goats Beard, Bourbon Blue and Jake and Cooper's Wine Bar."

Kait: "Brunch is my go-to, so if we're talking brunch definitely The Diner at Manayunk, which is newer to the scene. I love the simplicity of their menu and everything I've had is so fresh and great. Winnie's is also a classic brunch spot, we go there pretty often because it's super dog friendly and delicious. In terms of shops, we love Pineapple on Main, Kathy the owner has been so helpful to us and in our corner since we created Manayunk Made. I also love The Little Apple, I'm probably in there twice a month buying little gifts or cards for friends."

How would you describe Manayunk in 3 words?
Kait: "Community-focused, charming and dog-friendly."

Rory: "Fun, food and family."

Why do you love Manayunk?

Kait: "The main reason why I love Manayunk is the fact that there is something for absolutely everyone. The food scene appeals to me the most, but I also love the retail offerings and all the festivals and events that go on throughout the year. Manayunk is just super welcoming to all walks of life, whether you're a dog, a kid or a young couple like us."

Rory: "I think it's a town that has been really up and coming since I've moved here 2013. You look at center city as the place to go, but I know many of my friends parents have been moving to Manayunk, along with young families like ourselves, and then there's that college town feel as well. I love how diverse it is, and I think there's a lot of potential with what's already there and where it can go. It's been fun to see the growth in past 7 years or so."

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us today, Kait and Rory! Make sure to check out and follow their page, Manayunk Made on Instagram. Kait and Rory will also be hosting a food contest at MANAfest Saturday, September 21st! Come out to MANAfest and see who they chose as the winners!

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