WHY I LOVE MNYK: Meet Deborah!

Jun 28, 2019 0 comments
WHY I LOVE MNYK: Meet Deborah!

Do you live in Manayunk or are you just visiting?
"I'm just visiting today, I live in the city."

What brings you to Manayunk today?
"I'm getting my nails done at Nail Bar."

What's your favorite part about Manayunk?
"I used to come up all the time to work out at Rowzone. I like the little shops, getting my nails done, attending the Arts Festival; all the activities Manayunk has to offer."

Describe Manayunk in 3 words.
"Community, friendly and active."

Why do you love Manayunk?
"The stores and that there's always something to do!"

Thanks for chatting with us this week Deborah! It was so nice to talk to you and hear why you love MNYK. Check back next week for another "Why I Love Manayunk"!

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