FACES OF MNYK: Meet Scott from PADELphia

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FACES OF MNYK: Meet Scott from PADELphia

For the readers who may be unaware, what is PADEL?
Scott: PADEL is a racket sport with similarities to tennis, squash, racket-ball, platform tennis and pickle-ball. The most wonderful thing about PADEL is that it's very easy to learn how to play and become proficient enough to enjoy playing, unlike tennis where you really have a learning curve.

What inspired PADEL to open in Manayunk?
Scott: All the stars aligned correctly. PADEL is here mainly because this is my hometown; I'm familiar with the area, familiar with the people, and that had a lot to do with it. Most of all, our connections with Manayunk Development Corporation and with the city being willing to give us this space to use. Those stars aligning are why it's here, and we are excited to be here!

What do you think makes PADEL unique?
Scott: Just how much fun it is to play and how easy it is to learn. Personally, what I love about the sport is it's such good energy, such good action, and its something you don't get in any other sport until you reach a more advanced level of playing.

Are there any events coming up?
Scott: We have events scheduled throughout the summer, and we're trying to do as many different events as possible. We have events varying from clubs coming in to play for a day to corporate events; it's a great team building exercise. It's a very social meeting place like an alternative to a golf course.

**For more information on events, check out: http://padelphia.com/ **

What's your favorite part about working in Manayunk so far?
Scott: I love the atmosphere in Manayunk. My wife is from here and I'm originally from Lancaster, but now I've been spending a lot more time here. In the matter of a year of being in the area, I've been joining local gyms, hanging out in local coffee shops, and it feels like home to me.

You won't want to miss the Grand Opening Event Friday, June 21 from 5-8 PM! For a list of grand opening activities and to RSVP contact lee@padelphia.com. It was great talking to you, Scott and Welcome to the Mananyunk community!

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