FACES OF MNYK: Meet Christopher and Jason from Kismet!

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FACES OF MNYK: Meet Christopher and Jason from Kismet!

What is Kismet?
Kismet is a Philadelphia-based co-working space revolving around the concept of using shared resources between independents and businesses.They offer a variety of architecturally pleasing workspaces throughout the building ranging from common areas to conference rooms. Kismet provides many different options for renting spaces such as day passes, community plans, floating/dedicated desks and private offices. It's a great location to host events, as well as network at workshops, meet ups and other events hosted by Kismet.

What inspired Kismet to open in Manayunk?
Christopher: "The intersection of a beautiful space and in the middle of a great commercial district."

Jason: "Christopher saw this idea of being in a tertiary market, not being downtown, and Manayunk itself having this resurgence in new businesses coming in and offering a lot of new community events. He recognized this opportunity to create a hub for co-working and to provide resources for up and coming businesses, start-ups and non-profit businesses."

What makes Kismet unique?
Christopher: "I think our approach to co-working has always been based on creating a legitimate community and we've always wanted to be in markets where we didn't think the larger, more institutional finance giants would ever come. Manayunk seems like a fantastic area where there probably is a lot of pent up demand for people looking for well-designed, well -executed and well-maintained co-working spaces."

Jason: "I think number one is the high level of hospitality and access to great people within the Kismet community from events and workshops we host. What makes it unique as well is, it's Philly-based and Philly-owned, so we really strive to highlight, support and elevate local businesses."

Do you have any events coming
Jason: "You can always find events and updates on https://www.kismetcowork.com/ or on our Instagram where we post a lot of events and stories."

June 12- Impact 100: Lunch & Learn at 12PM
Impact 100 is a woman's led philanthropic organization that helps fund other projects and businesses throughout Philadelphia.

June 19- Social Media Breakfast with South Fellini at 8:30AM
Tony Trove and Johnny Zito from South Fellini will be discussing how to use social media to help expand your business or organization! South Fellini is a popular, creative brick and mortar shop inspired by Philly landmarks and legends.

All events are open to the public with RSVP and provide free snacks and drinks! For more information, visit: https://kismetmanayunk.spaces.nexudus.com/en/events

What is your favorite part about working in Manayunk so far?

Christopher: "I would say it's the hustle and bustle of being on a very successful commercial corridor that is not only useful, but exciting and has a lot of value."Jason: "The food here is awesome. Being in some of the tertiary markets, sometimes we don't have the access to the downtown food, but I love the food here for sure. I'm also really excited about the upcoming changes and things for the canal. I think that it will make it a unique feature of working here and having access to that."

Thank you for taking the time to chat and give me a great tour of Kismet. On behalf of Manayunk Development Corporation, welcome to Manayunk!

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