WHY I LOVE MNYK Blog: Meet Gail and Linda!

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WHY I LOVE MNYK Blog: Meet Gail and Linda!

What better way to find out the ins and outs of Manayunk than from the people themselves? It’s another week where we hit the streets for Why I Love Manayunk, to ask Manayunk visitors and residents why they love where they live, shop, dine, and play.

This week we talked to a Gail and Linda, great fans of Manayunk! Find out what their favorite things to do in Manayunk are and why they love the neighborhood. These two ladies shared their favorite stores and restaurants!

By Samantha Renn

Do you live in Manayunk or are you just visiting?

Linda: I live in White Marsh.

Gail: And I live in Conshohocken.

What brings you to Manayunk?

Gail: We bike down to this coffee shop. [Volo Coffeehouse] is our spot.

Linda: We bike down here all the time. I love the coffee!

Do you have any favorite restaurants in Manayunk?

Linda: A lot of times, my husband and I will come down [to Manayunk] later during the day and we will do a light-fare. We will do the mussels at Zesty’s. That’s our favorite. Oh, and burgers. We will do the burgers up at Lucky’s Last Chance or SOMO. We will go over to Jake’s and Cooper’s Wine Bar, too. I have been a fan of Jake’s for about 30 years, right when Jake’s first came to Manayunk. That’s a really nice dinner.

What are some of your favorite things to do in Manayunk?

Gail: Well, we really like the bike trail and walking along it!

Describe Manayunk in 3 words.

Linda: Hill-y! I walked down the hill the other day with my friend and I could not believe that I forgot that there were steps! Manayunk is such a nice area to hangout. I do like Threads On Main, though. She has a lot of nice things and The Little Apple, too. They’re always nice for gifts.

Gail: Young, Friendly, and Hill-y!

Why do you love Manayunk?

Linda: Well, I kinda grew up in this area. So it’s always good to come down and see what’s going on in the neighborhood and see what is changing. Manayunk has great little spots for stuff like ice cream and coffee. It is a great little relaxing spot to settle in.

Gail: And, I love it because it is so convenient. It is right on the bike trail and connected to Conshohocken. We just go right out the back from where we live [in Conshohocken] and Manayunk is right on the way. Sometimes we go through Fairmount Park and sometimes we go all the way into the city.

Thanks so much, ladies! It was so nice chatting with you.

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