FACES OF MNYK: Meredith from Latitudes and Longitudes

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FACES OF MNYK: Meredith from Latitudes and Longitudes

What inspired you to open Latitudes and Longitudes?

So I used to work for the previous owner...She was here for 29 years and I just fell in love with her business so I ended up buying it from her.

That's amazing! Do you know where the name came from?

It actually started out as Latitudes Fine Craft Gallery and I then changed it to Latitudes and Longitudes. I thought it could be more recognizable, but still connected to the original which made it more personal.

Can you explain what kind of items the store offers to shoppers?

Sure! Pretty much everything in here, I have a connection to because I hand pick the items and I am the one handling them. Almost all of them are made in the U.S. We have certain jewelers and businesses who are mainly located in Philadelphia to keep it economically local to Philly. I really just love a lot of the companies that we work with, and the people that work for them are always really great. It definitely makes it easier and more enjoyable to have a great business relationship with them.

Are there any holiday deals you guys have coming up?

Every year we have a special ornament in the store. So this year we used a photo from a friend of mine, Gary Brown, and put it on the glass ornament so we are having an ornament signing this weekend! They really are so beautiful. It's a Chinese traditional painting from the inside. This is one of the things I kept from the previous owner and we have them year round. We're also going to have snacks and everything--we are participating in Holiday Stroll so all of those events we will be doing!

Is there a favorite gift you would recommend?

So I am really drawn to Grandmother's Buttons. Their jewelry is made from buttons that have been passed down for generations and every year they are always so different and unique which is really nice!

Do you have a favorite item in the store in general?

Yes definitely again Grandmother's Buttons, but also Rustic Marlin. Rustic Marlin is a great company to work with. They do all of the customization of the Manayunk stuff. You can just put anything on these signs and their company is really evolving. They're amazing and they have new items coming out next year that I am pretty excited about.

What is your favorite part about working here in Manayunk in general?

Definitely the people--the customers, the merchants, just everyone! We're a family..we all know each other. I couldn't get through the day without these people who stop in. It's just the community. This is what helps things to thrive. The store has been here for over 35 years and it feels really cool to continue it on.

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