WHY I LOVE MNYK: Meet Maddie

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WHY I LOVE MNYK: Meet Maddie

Are you a visitor or a resident of Manayunk?


Where are you from originally?

About two hours away in North Jersey.

What brings you to Manayunk?

I'm going to be a senior at St. Joe's so a lot of upperclassmen move to Manayunk for their off-campus housing.

What are some of your favorite things to do in Manayunk?

After work, it's so easy for my friends and I to just walk down to Main Street. There are so many cute things to do. We go out here or we love coming to Volo and doing homework or we love going to happy hour at Taqueria Feliz. I love that place or Chloe's Corner. A lot of times we will go out to eat or go out and just hangout.

Do you have any recommendations for people who are thinking about moving to Manayunk?

I love Manayunk on the weekends. On Saturday mornings, if you're just walking down Main Street in the summer, it is the best time. So I definitely would say if you are thinking about moving here, do that and get that vibe. If it's a nice day out, everyone's always on the street.

Do you have a favorite restaurant?

I love sitting out on the deck at Manayunk Brewing Company.

Why do you love Manayunk?

I like it because number one, so many of my friends are here. It's kind of like a little St. Joe's because everyone moves here. I like that even though it's not a city, you can get little pieces of a city because you can walk around and there are so many things to do in a close vicinity. It's just a nice little town for young people. Everyone is kind of the same age and there's just so many cute things to do. It's a nice vibe.

Thanks for chatting with us Maddie! Manayunk is glad to have you as a resident! Keep an eye out for us on the streets - you might be our next featured resident! If you are interested in being featured, email for details!

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