WHY I LOVE MNYK: Meet Charlotte

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WHY I LOVE MNYK: Meet Charlotte

Are you a visitor or a resident of Manayunk?

I live in Overbrook about twenty minutes away.

What brings you to Manayunk?

I'm just here for a work meeting. I'm also an intern actually at the Philadelphia Environmental Film Festival.

What do you study?

I'm an Environmental Studies major at Mount Holyoke College in Western MA.

Have you been to Manayunk before?

I've lived in Overbrook for four years so I don't know, ten times maybe.

Do you remember what your first experience or your first impr ession of Manayunk was?

My first impression was actually before I moved to PA and I was just visiting and I thought it was really cute. I liked the little shops. I thought it was a really cute area.

Do you have any favorite places to go, like shops or restaurants?

I love the movie theater. There's like a cute little furniture shop that I forget the name of, but it's a really nice place.

Do you have any recommendations for people who are coming to visit?

There's this one place that has really good tacos. Taqueria feliz!

Why do you love coming to visit Manayunk?

It's just a nice little area. I can't really explain it beyond that. It's just a really cute, fun place with a nice vibe.

Thanks Charlotte! Manayunk is glad to have you as a resident! Keep an eye out for us on the streets - you might be our next featured resident! If you are interested in being featured, email for details!

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