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Community & Non-Profits

North Light Community Center
Community & Non-Profits

North Light's mission is to enable people to reach their full potential as citizens through initiatives that support and enrich children, teens, and families.
Soul Healn Wellness Center
Community & Non-Profits, Health & Beauty, Professional & Creative Services

At Soul Healn Wellness Center, we strive to deliver a holistic approach in restoring harmony and balance. Our trauma-informed services provide clients with the opportunity for true transformation – helping them to reclaim their wellbeing through wholeness, healing and rejuvenation.
Starfinder Foundation
Community & Non-Profits, Sports & Fitness

Starfinder's soccer, educational, and personal development programs inspire young people from underserved communities to achieve success both on and off the field.
Unity Recovery
Community & Non-Profits, Professional & Creative Services

We believe recovery is an individualized and dynamic process, and support those with mental health or substance use disorders, no matter the pathway you use.
Venice Island Performing Arts & Recreation Center
Activities & Entertainment, Community & Non-Profits

250-seat theater & recreation center featuring concerts & community plays, plus a kids' spray park.
Amee Psychotherapy, LLC
Community & Non-Profits
Community & Non-Profits

A non-profit organization creating new public art specific to the concerns of Philadelphia neighborhoods in direct, long-term collaboration with city residents.
Manayunk Roxborough Art Center
Activities & Entertainment, Community & Non-Profits

Neighborhood Art Center with a mission to develop an appreciation of the arts, literary expression and related cultural endeavors.
Philadelphia Guild of Handweavers
Community & Non-Profits