The Manayunk Development Corporation (MDC) formed in 1992 as a nonprofit corporation with both a primary business development mission and a cooperating community development mission. As a business development organization, MDC takes primary responsibility for the management, promotion, and positive development of the Manayunk’s business district. As a community development corporation (CDC), MDC cooperates with other civic and community organizations in the Manayunk area to plan and implement community programming and physical improvement projects of interest to both businesses and residents in Manayunk.

Manayunk’s proud business members and board of directors are the driving force behind the success in our district. The benefits that MDC provides its members is constantly growing and there are dozens of ways to participate as fully as your schedule allows. With an MDC membership, you have a unique opportunity to collaborate and partner with other businesses to shape your individual business and the district at large.

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Executive Committee

President - Chris Maguire (Flat Rock Investments LLC)
Matt Gambone (Manayunk iPhone Repair)
Su-Shan Lai (Starshine Salon)
Brendan McGrew (The Goat's Beard)
Brandy Deieso (The Little Apple)

Commercial Property Owner

Brian Corcodilos (DesignBlendz)
Chris Maguire (Flat Rock Investments LLC)
Rob Neducsin (Neducsin Properties)


Bill O'Brien (Manayunk Law Office)
Christine Ertz (Copper Hill Real Estate)
Matt Gambone (Manayunk iPhone Repair)


Brendan McGrew (The Goat's Beard)
Sean McGranaghan (Winnie's Manayunk)
Tim Kelly (JD McGillicuddy's)


Brandy Deieso (LILA Philadelphia)
JD Holden (Johnny Destructo's Hero Complex)
Jamie Blood (Main Street Music)


David Lee (Pizza Jawn)
Kelly Maguire (Launchpad Fitness)
Su-Shan Lai (Starshine Salon)

Business At-Large

Anthony Imperiale (Lucky's Last Chance)
David Richards (RichardsApex)
Paul Ryan (Ryan's Pub)

Community At-Large

Bruce Cooper Jr. (Jake's & Cooper's Wine Bar)
Kelly Orenshaw (Venice Island Performing Arts Center)
Rhiannon Smith (North Light Community Center)


The Manayunk Special Services District (MSSD) was established in 1996 under the Municipality Authority Act of 1945 and is supported by the City of Philadelphia and the City Council. MSSD's mission is to create a clean, attractive, safe, and well-managed business district so that Manayunk can successfully compete as an environment to live, work, shop, dine, and visit. MSSD initiates capital improvements and maintains maintenance of the district. Although MSSD is a separate entity, it works in partnership with the Manayunk Development Corporation (MDC) to support the organization’s marketing and promotional efforts to enhance the overall image of Manayunk. In 2012, the special services district was renewed for another 10 year period. Click here to download the MSSD's Bylaws.


Executive Committee
President - Daniel Neducsin (Neducsin Properties)
Vice President - David Richards (RichardsApex
Secretary - Allen Newman (Neducsin Properties)
Treasurer - Robert Swarbrick (RJS Properties)

Board Members
Chris Barnes (Lucky's Last Chance)
Bruce Cooper (Jake's and Cooper's Wine Bar)
Brian Corcodilos (DesignBlendz)
Sean Coyle (The Goat's Bear)
Brandy Deieso (The Little Apple Store)
Lisa Lamprou (LILA Philadelphia)
Chris Maguire (Flat Rock Investments LLC)
Norma Mann (Gary Mann Jewelers)
Daniel Neducsin (Neducsin Properties)
Rob Neducsin (Neducsin Properties)
Allen Newman (Neducsin Properties)
Bill O'Brien (Manayunk Law Office)
Steve Olszewski (Baker Street Partners)
Martin Pulli (Martin Pulli Designs)
David Richards (RichardsApex)
Michael Rose (Manayunk Brewing Company)
Tim Spinner (Taqueria Amor)
Robert Swarbrick (RJS Properties)
Glen Tomkinson (Penn Group of Companies)
Krista Wieder (North Light Community Center)*