Philadelphia International Cycling Classic

A Statement From Jane Lipton

“It is with a deep sense of regret the Manayunk Development Corporation must confirm the cancellation of the 2017 Philadelphia International Cycling Classic. This is not a surprising development. The many fans of and participants in the race know it has been scaled back over the past couple of years in response to budget shortfalls. The reality is that security costs to stage large-scale events of this nature have dramatically increased. The city does an amazing job of keeping all of us as safe as possible but security is expensive. If we as Philadelphians want to keep this world class event in our city, we all have to step up and make it a priority. The Cycling Classic is the only international event held annually in our city. If we give up the June date, it is highly unlikely that we will be able to get this date back as some other city will step up and grab the open date on the international cycling calendar again. I ask that we all look for ways to keep the race in our city, and that includes looking for greater support from corporations, foundations, philanthropists and even individuals who have loved and attended the race every year. The city did everything it could to try to salvage the race for this year, but there just wasn’t enough money available to cover the rising event costs. It is unfair to expect our local government to be responsible for footing the bill. We will continue to look for ways to make the race possible and have already begun strategizing with other partners to find ways to ensure that the bike race stays here in Philadelphia not only this year but for years to come. Just remember the bike race belongs to all of us who live in and love this great city."