FACES OF MANAYUNK: Kate from The Pet Friendly Bakery

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FACES OF MANAYUNK: Kate from The Pet Friendly Bakery

Q: Why'd you start working here?

A: I want to open my own bakery one day for humans, because I feel like Manayunk needs one. I've also heard good things about the owner of the store (Letti), he also owns the juice merchant. And who wouldn't want to work with dogs! I also live in one of the rent homes, so it's very convenient.

Q: What is your favorite part of the job?

A: Being able to bring my own dog to work, and meeting all of the neighborhood dogs.

Q: What are some favorite items in the store that you think people should know about?

A: Our cow liver jerky, it's an absolute fan fave! Our biscuits, are also good, there's a variety of flavors. Our cookies too!

Q: Are there any big plans for the bakery?

A: Yes! We are about to start online ordering and shipping for our cookies, jerky, and biscuits; and eventually our merchandise (clothes, bandanas, leashes, etc.).

Q: What would you want someone who hasn't been here before to know about this place?

A: That we have an indoor and outdoor dog park downstairs! Dogs and their owners are able to come hangout and play with their dogs. We also host dog pool and birthday packages. We also try to have events, this weekend we are hosting a pool party, and a travel vet coming for vaccines and other things.

Q: How long has this place been open and when did you start?

A: We've been open since January and I've been here since we started.

Q: Why do you love Manayunk?

A: It's the perfect combination of a city and suburb, it's very friendly. I can feel like a local and still be a part of a city. And it's SOOOOOO dog friendly. That's really important to me, I'm able to bring my dog into half of the stores with me here.

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