Manayunk Arts Festival

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Saturday, June 27th, 2020 from 11AM-7PM Sunday, June 28th, 2020 from 11AM-6PM

About The Manayunk Arts Festival

(Please note: we do not accept food vendors at this festival)

Manayunk Development Corporation is pleased to announce the 31st Annual Manayunk Arts Festival! Every year, we invite you to share in the tradition of excellence at the tri-state's largest outdoor, juried arts festival. Celebrating the best variety of fine arts and crafts from across the country, nearly 200,000 collectors, buyers, and designers will visit Main Street for this event.

2019 Winners

Best in Show: Heather Gibson

Best Jewelry: Juan Velez
Honorable Mention: Hannah Long

Adorned by Aisha
AG Jewelers
Anastasia Filanovich
AOS Metals
Artisan Glass
Beaudoin Jewelry, LLC
By E Artisan Jewelry
Calli b.
Caroline Simpson
Chavanne's Jewelry
Cindy Kaiser
David Wagman
dn metalsmith/jeweler
Forge & Finish
Gabriela Palma
Georgene Novak Designs
GiGi Singh
Hannah Long Jewelry
High Strung Studios
Joan of Art, designs
Jon Black
Juan Velez Designs
Kaisa Manninen
Kate Laine Jewelry
Katherine Sliclen
lisette takahashi
Lucile Martin Jewelry
Made From Coins
Marie-Pierre Collection
Mary Cox
Moonbound Jewelry
Murderous Jewels
Pam Cutler Designs
Panache Jewelry
RagTrader Vintage
Rock Reborn
Sarah Cornwell Jewelry
Saskia de Vries Designs
Selah Jewelry Design
Shadowcat Jewelry
Southwest Expressions
Staci Reiser
Stone Cooper
Susan Rifkin Jewelry Designs
Tekeli Designs
Terry Ross Jewelry
The Jewelry Boutique
Tracy Tayan Designs
Trezana Jewelry
Tying Tribes
We Wear It

Best Mixed Media: David Winigrad
Honorable Mention: Andy Adams

Amanda Robinson
Andy Adams
Astro Vinyl Art
Benjamin Frey
Blue Stone Studio
Bud Scheffel
Carell Art Collection
Carley Hussain
Carol's Custom Birdhouses
Chubb's Creative Crafts
Daniel Bondroff
Daniel Fager-George
David Vigo Fine Art
David Winigrad
HenBit Art
Hero Heads
J.C. Garcia Fine Arts
John Cheng
Kristiana Parn
Lacquerware by Linda
LDP Studio
Lilly's Allure Shop
Love Menu Art
Maher-Velasquez Studio
Martin Moon
Ol Mordue
Olde Good Things
Paul Carpenter Art
Pauline Brown
Perfect Pleasures
PS Enjoy Your Life
Refinedby Barb (BuckingHam Media)
Sarah Hartung
Sebastian Perel
Shelly Mishan
Tassels by Sewkaren
Todd Walk Galleries
Tunes Company
United Caribbean Art Gallery
Vera Kirilenko
Yvonne Miller

1st Place: Christina Takoff
2nd Place: Karen Bice
3rd Place: Sarah Brett

Christine Alaniz
Jannalyn Bailey
Jon Bandish
Karen Bice
Sarah Brett
Emily Burke
Scott Burkett
Nikki D'Agostino
Chelsea Doland
Denise Erani
Rob Foy
Kristi Habedanck
Kolby Koeck
Jacqueline Marr
Molly McGuire
Adele McKenna
Bryan McKinney
Sally Melgar
Linsey Myers
Drew Montemayor
Ric Owens
Liz Palovick
Jess Polk
Amy Pressler
Ben Robinson
Eslina Rossetti
Jessie Searle
Azariah Shelton
Craig Simmons
Oranit Solomonov
Carol Stamper
Isabelle Staub
Christina Tarkoff
Emily Taylor Rogers
Shawn Towne
Joylyn Tyler
Isabel Uria
Kristine Wood

Visitors Information

Shuttle Map:

Shuttles run every 20-30 minutes depending on traffic.

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