Venice Island Performing Arts & Recreation Center

Venice Island Performing Arts & Recreation Center

Venice Island Performing Arts and Recreation Center


Stay tuned for information on our PLAY Manayunk event, which will be held in Spring 2015

Eight years of planning and preparation will see success, with the Fall 2009 groundbreaking for the Lower Venice Island Park and Performance Center. The Philadelphia Water Dept. is committed to building a sewage overflow tank on Lower Venice Island. In response, the community secured funding for planning and invited the City Departments to participate in creating a concept that would address the City’s concerns, but would ultimately create a park, recreation, and performance center to be managed by the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Dept. Designed by Andropogon Assoc., the park will become the center for both culture and activities for the area. The new park will feature State of the Art Water features to demonstrate water retention in an urban environment, recreation facilities for basketball and outdoor performances, space for a dock, outdoor sculpture, a Performance facility with 250 seats plus over 200 parking spaces. The parking will be accessed from both Cotton and Lock Streets.

 Philadelphia Water Department- Venice Island Information