Venice Island Performing Arts & Recreation Center

Events at the Performing Arts Center

Address: 7 Lock Street, Philadelphia, PA 19127

QUESTIONS FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS CENTER STAFF? Call their office at 215-685-3583.

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Site History

The ribbon cutting at Venice Island, held in October 2014, marked more than ten years of planning and preparation for the Performing Arts and Recreation Center. The Philadelphia Water Department originally committed to building a sewage overflow tank on Lower Venice Island. In response, the community secured funding for planning and invited the City departments to participate in creating a concept that would address the City’s concerns.

The result is a park, recreation, and performance center that is managed primarily by the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Department. Designed by local landscape architecture firm Andropogon Associates, it is hoped that the park will become a recreational center in the neighborhood and region.

The new park includes state-of-the-art water features that demonstrate water retention in an urban environment, recreational facilities for basketball and outdoor performances, space for a dock, outdoor sculptures, a theater with 250 seats, and a parking lot with over 200 parking spaces. The site is accessed from both Cotton and Lock Streets.

Go to the Philadelphia Water Department website for more information on how the Performing Arts and Recreation Center was constructed. Or read this great article by Hidden City Philadelphia on its development.