Signature Events & Capital Projects

Signature Events

With four major events throughout the year and countless smaller events and promotions, the district is always filled with reasons to visit, shop and dine. Area shoppers and visitors know that there’s always something fun to do in Manayunk.

Signature events are used as a means to promote and advertise not only the event, but also the district as a whole. Business owners have the opportunity to participate in these events and promotions allowing them to publicize their business along with the event. Click here to learn more about our Signature Events!


The Schuylkill River Heritage Trail makes its way directly through Manayunk along the Canal and Towpath bringing walkers, runners, bikers, bladers, and boaters through the Manayunk commercial district to stop for a bite to eat and some casual shopping. Manayunk’s growing fitness scene, which includes more than 15 fitness-related businesses, also brings added visitors to Main Street before or after they’ve finished their workout.

Capital Projects

Manayunk is constantly working on capital projects and improvements to make the district a desirable location to live, shop, dine, and play. From art installations to festive lighting, visitors can always see the growth and beautification of the community.     
Currently more than 71 million federal and local dollars are being used on three new projects:

1. Manayunk Bridge: Opening up the iconic bridge to walkers, runners, and bikers and connecting them to Lower Merion Township.
2. Venice Island Performing Arts Center: Creating a community space to be used for years to come.

3. Canal Improvements: Opening the sluices to allow for running water to flow down the Canal.